HEP8225 Processor Board

Downloads for HEP8225 Processor Board

  1. Datasheet
  2. Before You Begin
  3. Hardware Manual
  4. BIOS Setup Manual
  5. Intel® 612 Platform Controller Hub (i.e. chipset) Drivers
  6. Intel® Network Adapters for the Intel® x540 Ethernet Controller and the Intel® i217 Ethernet PHY
  7. Video Driver for the ASPEED AST2400
  8. Intel® SATA RAID Drivers for the Intel® 612 PCH
  9. USB 3.0 Drivers for Win7 and Win2008 Server
  10. All HEP8225 Driver Files
  11. Block Diagram
  12. HDEC Series I/O Diagram
  13. Layout Drawing
  14. Layout Drawing for Non-Audio Version
  15. Jumpers, Connectors, and Memory
  16. Application Note: HEP8225 Performance Benchmarks (Includes Broadwell-EP Update)